No more struggling with birthday party ideas. Take your place on the starting grid, and immerse yourselves in hours of FUN for you and your birthday party guests.

Heroes Raceway is an awesome sporting activity which gives drivers of all ages the opportunity to experience the thrills and spills of REAL motorsport.
Children of all ages can enjoy this amazing party experience.
We deliver the best quality experience for kids and you’re promised an unforgettable party.

Exciting, Unique and Great Fun!

Drivers are invited to take the wheel of one of 4 perfectly matched SuperCars (which they can build and personalise themselves with our Build-A-Car option.)
Interact with TERRY the Race Licence Robot, enjoy live race commentary from our energetic party host and experience real steering and pedal controls, plus much, much more!
From start to finish, you’re guaranteed an action-packed party full of entertainment, fun, giggles and assured smiling faces.

With Heroes Raceway your party will be one to remember as you enjoy adrenaline-fuelled racing with your friends as you battle it out for the Champions Trophy

We typically recommend that drivers under 6 years old enlist an adult co-driver.
Over 6 years old, most drivers prefer to race solo.

Party Fun with Friends
Kid's Party Idea
Kid's Racing Party Idea

The Raceway

Drivers go head-to-head in each race on our undulating figure-8 circuit with crossing over bridge and tunnel.
Precision race timing keeps control of the action, with Driver’s Name, Photo and Championship position appearing on big screens.

The circuit has a footprint of just 3m x 1.5m making a total space required of :

3.7m x 2.4m for standing drivers
3.7m x 2.7m for seated drivers

The Raceway can be configured in numerous ways to make it fit virtually anywhere!

Please contact us for more details.

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Seated Sized blue Background